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Steroid Eye Drop side effects

Healing Products for Solid Inflammation and Infection Control

Bettamed is a Specialist Manufacturer involved on Regenerative Health and Wound Care Solutions, since 2006.

Bettamed’s new “OcuSolve Eye Drop” is a Safe and Reliable Solution to Eye Problems:

  • Potent anti-inflammatory action, safeguards against the risk of Vision Loss due to secondary Glaucoma, Cataract, and complications from Steroid use.
  • Solid Inflammation Control ensures stable lntraocular Pressure (IOP).
  • The Oxygen Rich Solution breaks down biofilm and activates Healing within days.
  • Offers Superior anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal support against resistant and recurrent infection.
  • Stabilised and buffered for comfort, safety and healing-using REGEN BIO-HOCI.
  • Can be used Standalone, Adjuvant or as a Prophylactic.

The link between Inflammation, Increased Eye Pressure (Optic Nerve Damage), and Steroid Side-Effects (like Secondary Glaucoma and Cataracts) cause irreversible visual impairment. This occurs because of long-term dependence on steroid therapy, whether by oral medication or eye drops, vis-à-vis either poorly controlled inflammation or a distinct and significant rise in eye pressure caused by steroids themselves.

Our Mission is to be a part of the worldwide movement away from Steroid Therapies through education and discussion, in order to spread awareness of safe and effective care available for inflammatory diseases.

Better education of Eye Care Providers, including Uveitis and Glaucoma Specialists, about the Gold Standard emerging for preventable blindness, is vital to bridging the gaps in treatment that exist for many.

Clinicians in many modalities already endorse the use of HOCl as the new Gold Standard for:

  • Dentistry– peri-surgery care- pre- during-post surgery care
  • Plastic Surgery- scar reduction and reduction in healing time
  • Open Heart Surgery- infection control
  • Burns
  • Veterinary Eyecare
  • Intravitreal Implant– Helps Manage Symptoms through pain reduction
Steroid Eye Drop side effects risks IOP
Steroid Eye Drop risks

Evidence points directly to the relationship between vision loss and chronic inflammatory activity.

The foundation of this new approach advocates for the direct control of the Inflammatory Process.

“Steroid-Free Remission and swift Inflammation Control is seen as imperative”.  – Dr Stephen Anesi

The ease with which this can be mitigated, using OcuSolve™ confirms the importance of a safe and effective anti-inflammatory in any treatment regime.

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Bettamed® is an expert manufacturer of Regenerative Health and Care Solutions since 2006. Ocusolve’s active HOCl has become the Gold Standard in Best Practice for Clinicians, with an ever-growing following.

New Alternative Eye Drops Treatment
Natural Alternative Eye Drop Treatment


Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is produced as part of our innate Immune function (phagocytes), to destroy disease-forming pathogens.

Treat Uveitis Fast


Based on independent testing Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), inactivates 99.99% of Viruses, Fungus & Bacteria in 30 seconds.

the new alternate eye drop is safe and effective


HOCl is safe enough to disinfect food, babies’ rooms, and open wounds. Clinicians in many modalities already endorse the use of HOCl as the new Gold Standard for Peri-Surgical Care.

safe alternate uveitis treatment


HOCl is non-toxic and non-hazardous, and therefore safe for discharging into Waterways and Ecosystems.