Bettamed® is an expert manufacturer of Specialised Care Solutions in South Africa since 2010. Ocusolve’s active HOCl has become the Gold Standard in Best Practice for Clinicians, with a growing following.

Our Breakthrough
Based on a decades Wound Care experience we are proud of our next generation multi-tasking OcuSolve™ Eye Drop that:

  • reduces the risk of eye damage and vision loss
  • saves time, and
  • lowers the cost of care
  • promotes the reliable control of all forms of inflammation and infection control related to Conjunctivitis, (including allergies), Dry Eyes, Uveitis and Keratitis.
  • is Preservative FREE.

OcuSolve™ Eye Wash has several mechanisms of action:

  • Ocusolve is a soothing anti-inflammatory (and anti-itch) treatment taking care of redness.
  • Gives long-lasting antimicrobial cover.
  • OcuSolve™ combats biofilms. A biofilm is a colony of microbes that exude sticky material which forms a matrix or grid.
  • It’s estimated that almost 70% of all infections that require treatment are due to biofilm formation. This film forms in order to protect the microbes’ colony
  • Ocusolve’s REGEN BIO-HOCI molecule penetrates and disrupts the biofilm and microbial cell membranes.
  • OcuSolve™ is thus able to create a challenging environment for invasive pathogenic Conjunctivitis.

OcuSolve™ is an Oxygen rich solution.

  1. Each Oxygen species has a distinct mode of action and capability:
  2. which is a potent antimicrobial capable of eradicating antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, viruses, and fungus.
  3. without promoting the emergence of newly resistant strains of infection
  4. Several studies have shown that REGEN BIO-HOCI (OcuSolve™) has a broader and more potent antimicrobial spectrum, than any conventional prescribed treatment.
Product Comparison Based on SAHPRA MD NO: 1018MB. Based on the European Standard method EN1276: 1977 and also FDA (510K) approved.
Refer to package insert for further information.
Steroid Eye Drops OcuSolve™ Eye Wash
Recommended Use 2 Weeks Ongoing
Side Effects Increase with use None
Burning, Blurred Vision, Light Sensitivity, Staining
lntraocular Pressure (IOP) Optic Nerve Damage
Dry Eye (Band Keratopathy) Promotes Corneal Epithelial Health/ Stable Tear Film
Infection Control None
Tissue Regeneration & Repair Retards Healing Induces Healing
A Healing Alternative to Reduce Pain, Inflammation and Vision Loss!!