Product Comparison Based on SAHPRA MD NO: 1018MB. Based on the European Standard method EN1276: 1977 and also FDA (510K) approved.
Refer to package insert for further information.
Steroid Eye Drops OcuSolve™ Eye Wash
Recommended Use 2 Weeks Ongoing
Side Effects Increase with use None
Burning, Blurred Vision, Light Sensitivity, Staining
lntraocular Pressure (IOP) Optic Nerve Damage
Dry Eye (Band Keratopathy) Promotes Corneal Epithelial Health/ Stable Tear Film
Infection Control None
Tissue Regeneration & Repair Retards Healing Induces Healing
A Healing Alternative to Reduce Pain, Inflammation and Vision Loss!!

This  TABLE shows a Direct Comparison of the Side-Effects and Risks associated with Steroid Eye Drops, Versus the new Non-Steroidal and Anti-Inflammatory Alternative for Effective Eye Problem Relief.


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